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 The Alibre Vault™

The Alibre Vault by M-Files is a completely integrated document, process, and business management solution. It allows you to control contacts, projects, CAD data, revision controls, and absolutely any type of file in a single, searchable, flexible user interface. Deployed company wide, the Alibre Vault eliminates duplicate documents and delivers a single-source document and business management system.

Windows Integrated Interface

The Alibre Vault is a virtual drive on your computer, so it's easy to find and access. Its Windows integration means you can access it from within any application. With extra integration features for Microsoft Office 2007 and Geomagic Design, adding and maintaining files to the Alibre Vault is simple and straightforward.

Saving to the Vault

Adding files to the Alibre Vault is as simple as going to the save menu in any application and choosing the Vault drive. When you save something to the Vault, you are asked what kind of file it is. After selecting what type of item the file is, such as business proposal or invoice or press release, you to fill in information that pertains to that type of document. This allows you to input rich data surrounding every one of your files.

Viewing Files in the Vault

Because you've entered rich information for each of your files, they become highly searchable and indexable. The Vault does not use a traditional folder structure; rather it presents you with "views" of your data, similar to filters. Using this concept, you can browse to a product or project and then instantly see all the CAD files, press releases, contact persons, invoices, and anything else associated with it. You could also go to the Press Release view and see all the press releases you have created, or to the Material view and see all your CAD parts created from 8650 grade steel so you can redesign them to curb rising material and shipping costs.

Managing Contacts

The Alibre Vault allows you to manage all your business contacts and relationships. You can create Customers, associate Contacts with them, including searchable addresses, phone numbers, contact names, and anything else you might need. Need a consolidated list of all your customers in Nevada, California and Canada? No problem.

Process Management, Versioning, and Checking In/Out

Process Management

The Alibre Vault allows you to fully define business processes. Create an Engineering Change Order process that requires a manager's approval to be processed. The manager can be automatically notified by E-mail when his approval is required, and you can be notified when he approves it. You can create a process for any workflow in your business, regardless of complexity, and access the status of the process from within any file's data card.


You can version any document, but versions are especially important for CAD documents. When you save files from within Geomagic Design, you have the option to version it. At any time, you can roll back to a previous version, ensuring that you can always access previous states, should you need to.

Checking In/Out

When opening files, you can check them out, ensuring that no one else can make changes to them while you are editing them. While checked out, files are still viewable by others, but they are read-only. You can easily view who checked a certain file out and when.