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 Part Libraries

Every design calls for standard part such as bolts, screws, nuts, or linear actuators. Modeling these components yourself is a waste of time, prone to error, and isn't useful since you won't be manufacturing them yourself. Geomagic Design Professional and Expert include two part libraries with millions of standard components for you to download and incorporate into your design.

Save time...

Even though components such as bolts are easy to model, if you have to do it all the time it can add up fast. The two part libraries that come with Geomagic Design Professional and Expert cover a huge variety of industries from Aerospace to Food and Beverage. Fasteners, brackets, actuators, LEDs, consoles, and many other items are available.

Save money...

By having extensive part libraries at your disposal, you can search manufacturer-specific components to determine what components can be off-the-shelf. "Custom" typically means expensive - if it's already out there, there's no reason to remake it yourself.