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Drafting in Alibre Design™

Turning 3D parts and assemblies into 2D manufacturing drawings is straightforward and easy in Alibre Design's 2D Drafting module. Just pick which views you want to include, and let the software automatically create things like design dimensions, center marks, hole callouts, and the title block. Then refine the drawing with additional views and annotations until you are finished.

Tekenen in Geomagic design

Automatic Updating

When you change your 3D model, the 2D drawing automatically updates to represent the new values. Your section views, dimensions, orthographic views, and everything else will update automatically for you so you do not have to completely redo the drawing. You can even change design dimensions from within the 2D drawing, and the 3D part will update accordingly.

Automatische tekening update

View Creation Wizard

Drawings start in the Drawing View Creation wizard. The wizard guides you through the selection of a drawing template and the initial view creation, whether you're detailing an exploded view, an entire assembly, or a single part or sheet metal flat pattern. You can select whether to automatically project design dimensions, hole callouts, hidden lines, center marks, center lines, cosmetic threads, thread callouts, hole callouts, and more. You can add each of these items to an individual view later if needed as well.

Tekenen met een creatie wizard

Automatic Title Blocks

When you create 3D parts and assemblies, you can enter in rich information about them such as the Product it goes with, the Engineer that approved it, the Part Number, or the Description for example. You can create 2D drawing templates that take advantage of this data by using Design Properties Fields. When a Design Property Field is used in a template, it automatically pulls data from your part or assembly. This means you can create instant title blocks, and you only have to update information in one place, which dramatically cuts down on human error and hours spent.

Automatische titel velden

Bill of Materials, Exploded Views, and Callouts

Alibre Design can take exploded views you create in the 3D assembly and transfer it into a drawing for you. With automatic BOM creation, you can quickly insert an exploded view and a Bill of Materials and apply callouts for the parts you want using a variety of callout styles. It's as easy as clicking on the part you want to call out.

geexplodeerde afbeelding

Dimensions and Dimension Styles

Dimensioning in Alibre Design is as easy as selecting what you want to dimension. Just click on items in the drawing and then place the dimension. You can use normal or ordinate dimensions. The Dimension Styles feature gives you complete control over how your dimensions look. Easily define units, tolerances, arrow styles, symbols, alternate units, fonts, and more.

Dimensie styles

Standard View Tools

Detail View

Detail views are easy to create - just draw the region you want and then click the detail view button. The view is created automatically.

Detail tekening afbeelding

Partial View

Partial views allow you to keep only the portion of the view that you are interested in. Just draw the area you want to keep and use the Partial View tool.

Gedeeltelijke teken afbeelding

Section View

Section views let you view the interior of your parts easily. Draw any section shape and then use the Section View tool to generate automatically updating section views.

Sectie afbeelding van een onderdeel

Auxiliary View

When one of the six principal orthographic views is insufficient to define geometry, such as with inclined or oblique planes or features, you can create auxiliary views by simply selecting an edge.

Helper afbeelding

Broken View

When detailing long parts, especially with uniform cross sections, it is often useful to create a broken view. Using the Broken View wizard, the process is automated and instant.

Gebroken afbeelding

Datums and Feature Control Frames

Using the Datum and Feature Control Frame wizards, you can quickly and easily define geometric tolerances.

Data en kenmerkende functies voor geometrische toleranties

Surface Finish

Using the Surface Finish wizard, you can quickly apply surface specifications to your drawing.

Voeg oppervlakte afmetingen toe aan de tekening

Additional Tools

Weld Symbols

Using the Weld wizard you can quickly make weld specifications.

Las specificaties toevoegen aan de tekening


You can apply rich text notes to your drawing, using leaders or setting the notes at an angle if you are required to.

Belangrijke aantekeningen toevoegen.


Using the Layers dialog you can easily set layers for anything on the drawing, turn layers on and off, or create new layers and edit the existing ones.

Werk met lagen in de tekening.