Anivizzion voor uw 3D CAD software

Direct Editing

The Direct Editing toolset is a powerhouse for editing imported files. It's comprised of four different tools that have been designed specifically to make the modification of geometry as easy as selecting something and then dragging the mouse. When working with files you download from the Internet or get from suppliers, you rarely have the luxury of obtaining the full feature history. Modifications of these files is time consuming and often a reverse engineering challenge as you work to recreate the features in different sizes or locations. Also time consuming is the act of defeaturing a CAD model for FEA, or removing the important elements of your CAD model before sending it out to protect your IP. The Direct Editing tools help with each of these problems.

The Remove Tool

The Remove Tool is point-and-click feature removal. Perfect for removing anything from fillet chains to large features on the model, you can use it to defeature a model for FEA analysis or just to get rid of irrelevant geometry on imported models.

The Push Pocket/Boss Tool

This tool is designed to move parts of the model around. Select the faces that you want to include in the move, or use Geomagic Design's feature recognition to infer features for you. Then select the direction you would like to move the geometry in, input a value, and you're done. No need to remove the original item and then recreate it from scratch in a different locations.

The Change Radius Tool

This tool is designed to perform one of the most commonly required modeling functions: resizing a hole or circular boss. This tool only does one thing: change the radius of things. Perform operations using an offset or set the radii to an absolute value. Change multiple sizes simultaneously.

The Push/Pull Face Tool

This tool is designed to extend or shorten extrusions. Click on a flat face and then simply drag to change the size of the feature.